Report Types Overview

There are several types of reports that you can generate with Acadia POS. This include customer, employee, inventory, and sales reports. Learn more about each type below.

Customer Reports
  •  View and print the ID, full name, email address, personal address, and phone number of all your customers.

Employee Reports 
  • Employee Timesheets: View customizable reports for specific employees.

  • Shifts: View customizable reports of all employees at once.

Inventory Reports
  • Low Stock Items: View items that are low stock according to the low stock value you applied to the individual products.

  • Full Inventory Report: View all in-stock and out-of-stock products.

  • Inventory Evaluation Report

  • Sales Items Report

  • Sales Items Report (Daily)

  • Stock History

  • Sales History

  • Inventory Adjusts for a Period

Sales Reports 
  • Cost of Items Sold

  • Discount Amount

  • Invoice Report

  • Number of Orders

  • Payouts

  • Sales Report - View sales history. 

  • Sales by Category - View sales history by category.

  • Sales by Order Type - View sales history by order type.

  • Tax Report

  • Taxes by Category

  • Tender Types Report

  • Tip Amount