Purchase Order Form Details

Vendor and Location


  2. VENDOR: In order to select a vendor, you must first add that vendor.

  3. LOCATION: Select the location for the purchase order


General Order Information

  1. REF. #: Reference number of the order

  2. ORDERED DATE: Select the date of the purchase order from the calendar.

  3. EXPECTED DATE: Select the date that the purchase order should be fulfilled.

  4. SHIPPING NOTE: Enter any details about the shipping

  5. GENERAL NOTE: Enter any additional details about the order.


Order Items

Note: You can only add items to the purchase order when it's in an open state

  1. Add New: Create new items to add to the purchase order.

  2. Add Existing: Search for existing items in your inventory to add to the purchase order.

Vendor Information

  1. ACCT #: Your account number with the vendor

  2. REP. FIRST NAMEREP. LAST NAME: Name of the representative 

  3. PHONEFAXEMAIL: Best contact information to reach the vendor

  4. ADDR(1)ADDR(2)CITYSTATEPOSTCODE: Address of the vendor